Monday, December 14, 2015


Now that I understand I'll never be understood can
we reach an understanding?

Advent isolation. Absolute abstinence.

I would if I could. I couldn't if I were to.

Knots and knees.


How many?

Intermediate iPhones.

Haven't you been happier?
Turn on the fan.
Inhale and exhale.

She doesn't care what's in
the microwave.

Leave leaving a message.
Certified circulation.

That song is about nothing.

Face paint and glitter.


Possible paychecks.

Walking away. Too many hats.
Learning to know when to fold.

Procrastinating imperfect perfectionism.
I just met you / this is crazy / here's my number / next year maybe.

9 years ago a two months from now.
Rode across town on the road across town
I hope I never ride again.

Intermediate iPhones.