Sunday, August 25, 2013

bad vision esl

what was her name?
what was her game?
her glasses were huge
she must have terrible
where was she from?
spain or south america?
what did her tattoos mean
huge eye pads on her glasses?
what do you call those?
eyeglass nose pads
beaver teeth
black shirt
black hair
high waste cut off jeans
her brother, her dad, her mom, her other brother
deep stairs
bad vision

I will...

I will skateboard for the next 20 years.


Woke up on the floor. Rolled over. Went to the bathroom. Went back to sleep. Woke up saw the sun. It was hot and sunny so I went to the skatepark. My car was melting I had to roll down the windows and put on the air I was all out of cigarettes. All of of money. I didn't like anyone at the skatepark. They were all annoying. Last night at the Mexican Town Fiesta Center. We went nuts. Juan showed me his bullets. He had a case of bullets. "I got haters" / "You got haters?" Toronto girl who didn't like me. Other girl who did. I just got back from NYC. I want to sleep in my own bed sober. I'll get to sleep in my own bed sober. Christie met Sarah met me by the bridge. Kickflip fastplant, is that a trick? I bought some juice under the bridge. Noseslide popshuvit, is that a trick? Drinking Arizona Iced Tea in the sun under the bridge.... at the skatepark.