Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Went to the Apple Store, met Susie. Made a good joke.
Got a new phone. Went to Noble Fish. Took cool pics.
Got good food. Listened to the radio. "I have a son on the
autism spectrum and found out he likes fans. So I took him
to the fan museum!" "How you'd you find the fan museum?"
"I googled "fan museum"!" Drove nicely. Ate good sushi.
Felix the cat gum. Took cool pics. Worked on two paintings.
One is almost done. Talked to Steven. Talked to Ryan. Made Steven
two Beastie Boys remixes for a commercial of his, I hope they work
out. He's going to make me a video. Went to the post office. Made
and mailed a cool package for Opal Tapes. Made some sick tracks
for my new IHAA split. Made rad artwork for the IHAA split. Cleaned
my bed sheets. Listened to cool music. Ate good food. Going to get
the ladder for my bed tomorrow, finish the IHAA music. Work on the
Save remix. Finish paintings and start new ones. Make a calendar.
Update digital calendars. Finish Jade remix. Work on Jimmy tracks.
Go to gym. Swim? Today was a good day after all.