Wednesday, November 09, 2011


all these plaid
slip on vans need
is a lil duct tape

i mean super glue
i'm sticking to

arctic hurricane

best blog ever, let's go surfing
lets ride bikes
opps, i left my bike outside
is it going to rain?
is it going to snow?
i don't have a wet suit
i need a new snowsuit
i got all my brothers clothes
my cellphone is a nokia with the
battery duct taped on
that's smart if you ask me
200 remixes, coming your way
amanda, right away, like
friday and saturday
party night windy flight
helicopters down university
phone taped
korg smörgåsbord
let's go to ikea
let's go to ikea
it really is a funny life
ignoring and sending messages
let's drive to alaska
let's drive to alaska
the arctic hurricane is calling
our names
conveniencey conveniencey
camping together
conveniencey conveniencey
laughing together
throwing up quietly
cracks me up