Sunday, October 23, 2011

stealing barrels

smoking headphone ducks
rubbing out the sun
smoking sony ducks
white on everyone

rolling in the bath
rolling into bed
slumber neon math
magazines you read

tell it

not the stupid fish
the slumberland kid king

rolling off robotic waterfalls in
basic wooden barrels. stealing barrels
from donkey kong, kicking all night long.
crickets chirping waterfalls,
sleeping bags of sound.
sleeping bags filled with logs
throwing into the river.
flying off the clift
overflown with water.
wildcats and kits
throwing hissy fits
throwing sleeping bags
filled with logs
off clifts
on water spiders

luvsleep 2.0

melatonin lemon lozenge
black lighter with
nothing to light
rainbow coffee rub
i mean cup
white headphone ducks

skateboarding to bed
throwing out the trash
making time go fast
stretching every last
falling a sleep on time
falling robotic waterfalls
calling my name
in the nightlight
next to the nightlight
down the hall
robotic waterfalls

robotic waterfalls [bækˈlɪt]

robotic waterfalls calling my name
florescent green, backlit sheen
robotic waterfalls calling my name
florescent green, backlit sheen
neon redwood plaid velcro
computer stand tanned
sun exposure sand
blue pastel crayon
dirty bathroom man

captain caveman's bike
backwords cap'n syke
headphone hoodie hike
LED mic

there were robotic waterfalls
calling my name, but i couldn't
find them, though i could hear
them. buzzing through the leaves,
cyclops to my knees.
cold and starving bees.
so i tried not to sneeze.

i made a new bracelet from something
adrienne had giving me as a gift.
i got a new shirt from amelia.
what more could i be feeling ya'll?

led backlit splits.

stalker cat 5000