Sunday, October 02, 2011

amazing kookies

i can taste them
super kookies
super cookies
heart shaped
autumn leaves slowly leaving
indian summer 100%
sugar pill
all my dreams!
curb slide in the leaves faster then ever dangerous as ever faster steeper louder smooth sketchier huge bunny hop into a traffic
bass bumping
clean up
pump up
stoked out
dream cookies
magic cookies
future cookies

future magical dreams
in cookie format

it's a party in the usa

i saw all kinds of colors
i saw all kinds of smoke
i saw smoke and mirrors
i saw dirty mirrors and clean ones
funny lights and funny humans
a dinosaur too
i drove fast
i keep my eyes opened
lil forgotten details
i can remember
if i try
and i try
and there they are
a fallen leave splashes into
a puddle of internal sunsplashed
soaked up slumber
vibes of