Friday, August 26, 2011

i should be surfing. i should be skating. i should be painting. i should be bump'n. i should be smiling. i am.

so many tricks

sometimes you're like ________________
wow, these people right here are dumb assholes
why can't i be over here or over there
and then you're all alone
and someone from far away is like
i wish you were here
and you're like
damn, these people right here are total fucking assholes
they're not my friends
then you're like, damn, i wish i was over there
then you play with your niece
and it's pretty fun
you make her feed her cupcake
to the ants
apparently she was running
at school with a cupcake and fell
i told her to never fun with food
then i told her she should most
definitely share her cupcake with the
ants.. so she did
later the ants were all over the cupcake
i told her to tell the ants that they
were welcome
you know?
so sometimes you go look at some
a half build house is always neat
then you go to the skatepark
and... your old sorta friends little
brother is there. but now he's taller than
you. and he's actually cool than his
older brother. he was bummed
out just like me.
that's rad.
so it got darker and darker
and i think this little kid
on a scooter must have shit his
pants. haha. but we had the same name
and he was shredding.
so that's cool. then i met
the park shredder. he must be 15 or younger
because he dad was coming to pick him up.
he's nice man and he shreds.
i asked him if he needed a ride home
and that's when he told me his dad
was coming
so he was we were like yeah dude,
see each other soon
i was sweaty and calm in my car
this sprinkler had broken in this
corporate area and it was spraying
20 feet into the air, straight
onto the road
i drove through it
then i got home
hurricane news
and i made this song
and i listened to it
laying on the floor
lifting weights
and i thought about some shit
and it's all making sense
and then a bunch of people
liked my song

my heart goes out to all of those
who are going to get hurt by the
hurricane xoxox