Thursday, August 18, 2011

my special moments

simple art
bad art
good art
rad art
i will make some art
some will go in the garbage can
some will be sold on the internet
nice city bad city
i don't care
i need money i need me
i got food, that's all i need
the weather was awesome
the bike ride was quick
my manuals were shit
the 10 day forecast looks good!
coyote clean up double i mean downhill exxxpress
next 10 days, all in the 80's
looking for ladies
i mean just looking at them
walking around fast slow sitting down
skateboarding bike riding
swimming getting upset
watch the moon swim around the sky
like a slow porpoise
dripping through time like a lovers
lost mitten
in the bonfire

spray paint
dirt jumps
broken glass
iShuffle iPod
bull shit
lots of