Friday, July 15, 2011

full moon right now

cute girl was back
her friends were tanning
paddled out, rode the foam, tried to paddle, hit the beach
white bottoms long brown hair
3/4 sleeve white surf shirt
the surf was so gnarly
wave after wave like a white water rapid waterfall
ran into this dude with a mustache who was talking to cute girl
cute girl went back up on the beach took off her surf and laid down with
her friends .. me and mustache dude tried to paddle out
bang bang bang bang bang was this niagra falls? wtf my body still hurts
ocean motion white water rapids jumped on the foam and rode one out
i thought i fucking had it
old dudes in the line up
waves going to the wrong way
awesome day to
try to die
full moon fridays

purple sea shells
and quarterdeck dinner
amazing paintings
seashells birds crabs
all the seashells i caught i put in a paper bag
sunburnt tan with a no shirt and a backpack
the mural in the back of the bar
the mural in the back of the bar
the mural on the outside of the resturant
sweet dreams team!

(fish tank, pet crab, painting birds,
the lighthouse, frisbee, sk8, bike, ccu,
cute girl in white)

full moon opps wrong day