Thursday, July 14, 2011

haunted horses

this is home
when i'm older

i'll go
and it will be like
a soft soft
dinosaur jr.
a soft soft


wind blows the buoys
against the deck
the bang like

the 4th of july
is gone and past
but the fireworks
are gunna last

turn off the tv

i'm not cool enough for all this shit yet

but what's going to happen when i am

or what if i just give up

and disappear

who's gunna loose

me or you

i'm already broke

you're already boring

you got my sympathy

hope my dad gives
me some money

they turned off the tv

i'm falling a sleep

everyone else


cemetery rd was haunted, but the horses weren't
the deer i saw, the little buck, they were people
they stared me down staring at me
the cats i saw
they wouldn't stop
stared me down

the house was white, southern house
there was a black rocking chair in the back yard under the tree
3 cats staring at me
then i realized
there was a cemetery in the back yard too

i round the corner

another cemetary next to a trailer
a man walking up the yard to the door
waddling, khaki work close, big man, wobbling
'hey how's it going buddy?!' he yelled
the warmest voice
'good!' caught me off guard
'how are you?'
'wellllll... just getting off work'

7:00 pm

sunset strip and bowen road

frisco, nc

you got my sympathy

full moon day dream bike ride sleepy drunk sun burnt bike ride night mare spooked

i took these