Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cool cough

i do what i want

but not anything and everything i want because
i can't afford it

super rad super tired super tan and Tiiu Kuik

totally tuesday.

it's totally tuesday
the waves sucked

this girl had a long black sleeveless shirt on, black hair, with a bright blue shoulder strap thing peaking out at the top and a washed out light light pink boogie board. she was the coolest thing i've seen in forever.

this one couple. the girl was so hot and was getting plowed by waves. and her bf was carrying her in front and piggy back style it was really cute. i can't only imagine.

this other family who seemed like they would be from quebec but was from down south rocked. two couples, one with kids. but they all seemed young and related. the guys had big pot bellys i guess they didn't seem young. lots of tats everywhere today. but the girls were swimming in their bras and skirts. i tried not to look but they jumped in the water right in front of where i was sitting on the beach. one had red hair on had dark brown hair and one had platnuim hair it was just awesome.

i float on my back and when a big wave comes i have my head towards the beach looking up and as my feet go up the wave... when they reach the top of the wave i plug my nose and my feet go straight up in the air and i do an underwater flip. the salt and foam makes in impossible to know which way you are facing or where you are til you open your eyes.

it's like erasing things.

erasing the day starting over.

erasing everything.

the waves sucked today rocked.