Monday, July 04, 2011

"Swamp Demon" by Kenny Barron

I went to Dillon's and got a can of
coke, a can of seagrams ginger ale,
and a tall boy of bud.
my mom got pizza. i drank the pizza.
i ate the ginger ale.
i haven't drank the beer.
it's in the fridge.
lily loved the beach.
i caught a huge wave boogie boarding.
then i went swimming and bashed my
face into the sand duck diving.
it hurt.
then i caught a huge wave
body boarding.
then i went to the grocery store with
my mom
it was fucking
the bag girl
was so
this morning
i went to the frisco pier
it's fucking out of control
it's all falling apart
there were cool people everywhere
a family of all these kids and a cool dad
and mom all with their own boogie boards
AND surf boards. they were boogie boarding
cuz the waves were out of control
the ocean wanted to slam you into
the pier
and drown your ass.
then i found a huge floating dead seagull
it was almost crashing into all these people
who didn't see it.
i was like fuck it imma be a good citizen
i asked the kwl little kid what i should do
he said... i better wash my hands
lol... i picked the seagull up by it's legs
which were huge
like big black chicken feet
ran up the beach
and through it in the



I haven't had a coke since Saturday.