Friday, July 01, 2011

watermelon man will kill u

I'm in Chesterfield, Virginia. It's pretty here. We went and got food now everyone is sleeping. There are train tracks behind the hotel.. looked like a train came out of no where in the bushes. Lily was laughing we were having a great time. There is a dope fountain. Tons of the girls are hot as shit.
I thought I lost my iShuffle
but I found it
I took a shower and shaved
i'm in pajamas
in a hotel bed
we're waking up early
i'll sleep in the car with sunglasses on
\ at this one nice truck stop
i saw three cute crusty punky girls
one with a broken or sprained ankle on
crutches like me
i told here
vicodin and a few beers and
u'll b there