Friday, March 25, 2011

((((((i want it all))))





I got this canned Indian food.
Dumplings in a buttery sauce. It's so neat.
Tastes great. I hope I wake up tomorrow.
I went for a long walk tonight. I saw this pretty
girl with a dog. I walked through the park.
There were ducks in the pond. They must not feel
anything at all. It was 16 degrees. I started
running. Past the houses, up and down the hills.
My body temperature rose. I want some gold coins.
I want a stack of dollar bills. I want some silver
coins. I want to be rich. I want to be rich really soon
and now is the time.
Hmmm. Hmmmm.

Ginger ale.


Party party, I'm not going to your party.


Better quit.

Raw food diets, you should try it.
It's fucking impossible.
I gotta do it for one week.

Everyday I write the book.

Simple mistakes.
Simply mistaken.




Funny jokes.

Rebecca Black.

I have this house plant. We're having
communication problems. Domestic issues.
I put him on top of one of my speakers, because,
I heard plans like sound? He looks miserable.
I wonder if he would be offended if I went and bought
a new plant tomorrow? I wonder if there are any good sales
on house plants around town? I wonder if I found a plant I wanted,
and brought it up to the cashier and paid for it in change, if they
would be pissed off? You know what? I don't give a fuck. They're
getting paid to take my money from me. Fuck them. Hahaha. Fuck them.

Hmmm. Why don't I just focus my attention on the house plants I already got.

Poisonous plants are the fucking worst. There is some sort of weed down by
the river, that I am deadly allergic to. I get this red bumps that burn like
hell. It literally feels like I have ants in my pants!!! In the summer I was
riding my BMX in the woods (no brakes) and my front tire slid out in the mud.
I flew forward off my bike into these hell weeds. My body start tingling when
I think about it. What the fuck are they? Nobody can tell me. I'm going to take
some kid who went to U of M or something into those woods, shove their face in them
and make them tell me what they are. Hahhaha. That would be fucking horrible.

Detroit is a dying city. I feel terrible for the people in their late 30's and up who grew up in Detroit and still live here. I'm 29, and the formative years I spent living in Detroit ruined part of my life. Detroit stole my youth and filled it with empty abandonment. It would probably take at least 30-40 years for the city to "re-invent" itself. Fuck if I know. Fuck if I want to wait around... but my family is here. My friends are here. The Rust Belt Curse. The fucking Motor City Coffin Curse. It could be worse.

I want gold coins.
I want silver coins.
I want to be rich.
I want to sleep.
I want to wake up early.
I want to jog.
I want to be rich.
I want it all.
What can I obtain first?
I want it all.