Thursday, February 24, 2011

oo : crashzy

super lovely
kisses in the dark
just for practice
no-ones here
just these sounds
they echo and crash
the drums splash
i have it all
it's all here
thanks man

sexy thursdays
i ran around the block
it was cold, over cast
snow falling
libya wants Gadhafi
the Only Way to End Violence
shit is crazy there
on npr
a 58 year old man called
casual explaining the situation
asking the U.S. for help.
with extreme machine gun blasts in
the backround.
"either we go, or he goes. and that's a fact.
i can see it on everyone's faces."
and you're complaining about the snow
record time finally closing
eerything 75%
i got a designer record, bundy k. brown, aka THE MAN
chicago real deal
i got a one side portugese mystery techno white label.
it's real weird.
haven't really listened on good speakers.
(i mean record player)
then i saw the cds
trip hop hit me like a brick
but time was running out
and they closed
i'll go back tomorrow
my mom wants more lps
early bedtimes are sexy
early bedtimes are sexy
waking up early is sexy
i want to be sexy
and not have sex.

running through the snow
smiling at a stranger
spitting in the snow
running from a stranger.

it's still 2011
i'll make this headache go away
i can be a super hero
not with super human strengths
i will be a super hero like
(i'll need one of those)
i love you
i love you
i love you
i'm flying to finland
i love you
from helsinki to tokyo
listening to CDs
compact discscz