Tuesday, February 22, 2011

those ducks must be FREEZING

i wasn't getting much done so i bundled up and
went for a walk
it was freezing cold! way colder than i thought.
snow everywhere reflecting the sunlight
i went to the park. i saw a man with a little dog.
i saw a lovely lady with cool black dog. she was walking
behind me and i thought maybe she was chasing me.
i stood on two of the bridges and watched the water
ripple by the ice on the edges of the river
while i tried to get some sunlight around
the facial region of my body.
success! at last! not all is lost.

then i walked past the police station and saw
these two ugly large office desks sitting in the
snow. they were covered with snow. i thought to myself...
what if i just pulled up a chair and sat down at
one of these desks? my arms would be covered in snow!
would the police laugh at me?
i would act like it was no big deal
and that was my office.
i would have an expression on my face like
i was trying to get some work done but i was rather
frustrated. probably because my desk is covered in snow!

i always tell the doctor to "bill me later"
i wonder if this is going to cause terrible
problems for me in the future.
i haven't paid income taxes in 6 years.
is that cool?
i have no idea!

radical options is back