Monday, February 21, 2011

why do i want a job?

i need a polar bear reflector.
so i don't get hit by a car.
i need new wheels on my tour bike.
i can ride for miles.
i need brakes on my bmx bike.
bmx still makes me smile.
if i make it lighter,
i can jump much higher.
i want a new cool backpack,
because i lost my last one.
i need cross-country skis,
so i can't start now, and i can
ski forever.
i need new snowboard boots. mine are
rather silly. (moto x, i guess they're cool.
they're like moonboots, i got them in high school.)
if i had my own place. i could sing all day.
maybe meet a lovely lady.
maybe she could stay.
marimekko tableware
iittala glass bird
watching me fall a sleep.
i could book a trip.
hold a ticket in my hand.
fly across the ocean.
see some different land.
say hello to mr. moomin,
listen to the wind.
take a seat with miss bjorklyn.
melodies and special beats.
new computer brand new sounds.
flying round the globe.
looking in the shiny windows.
i'm not getting old.
if i have my special backpack,
i will feel just fine.
but if i can spread joy around the world.
it will blow my mind.

two hour ambient playlist

totally tuesday on it's way. the snow fox and the salty spray.
snowboarding saturday. what time again? winter wonderland explosion.
again and again! i'm so glad it's back. get your gear and get in gear.
fingertip trips and ankle aches. laying on the floor flipping pages.
lindsey wixson witchita.
snow slide the snowboard ride.
snow skate the great grape ape.
this pattern and the
heavy heavy snow. draw it all.
scribble script.
my glasses. and the kavevala.
i just learned to read again.
super party time glasses.
white washed
face plant.

i can't figure out what is
wrong with my plants. that you for
the lamb meat. new zealand is far away.
thank you for the olive bar. remember
when we were in greece?
when i was taking photos.
what was i taking photos of.
i was taking photos.
point and shoot the canon.
taking little photos.
boxing week in rome.
brown corduroy coat.
in the future
will i find
another brown corduroy coat?
only time can tell,
my honey lovely

weeeeee yes.

drive away,
as in lonesome sound,
like a real straight shooter,
three lanes full,

drive away,
as it lonesome sounds,
like a real straight shooter,
three lanes full,

gotta ride in my heart,
get 'em goin' down,
you don't have to be a start,
to, to get them goin' 'round

even if you try to move,
wheel it to your right,
so get on, on the driving wheel,
save it for a round,

helpin' me, helpin' me, helpin' me 'round now x4

got to ride in my heart,
see 'em goin' down
killed up by the ball front,
shoot a jamboree,
just a cold 'nother day,
like a memory,
just a cold 'nother day,
slip a line on me,

helpin' me, helpin' me, helpin' me 'round now x4

helpin' me, helpin' me, helpin' me 'round now x4