Tuesday, February 08, 2011

)fast asleep(

doors in london
doors in michigan
on a foggy
day foggy foggy day
revolving doors wherever
on a foggy day
what have i done now?
seems like i was
born for this.
all the awesome bills.
now i wish i never tried
to humor all those awful lies.
throwing out a paper bag of garbage
paint covered cups. black blue and gray.
white covered cups. yesterday and day.

raoul de keyser

nad demaggz is killing it

(yo google, check out my poem)

Things I learned today.

Bulimia can be fun.
et me explain. I know it's a "serious" problem
for some people... however, today I was very hungry.
I had a small bowl of cereal around 9:45 and some
coffee but that was it. I was trying to work on these drawings
and start painting... but I was getting so hungry. It was around
2:30 or 3:00 or so. I went to this Coney Island down the street.
It was sunny and bright but

sub-zero windchill. I got
some food and brought it home and ate it

on my bedroom floor.
It tasted like a public bathroom... you know.. that smell.
I was like... gross. I tossed the rest out, figuring that
this kinda food would just damage a starving child anyways.
I sat down and tried to start working again and just felt sick.
I was texting Nuzzi and then was like,

"you know what? Fuck this
shit, I don't want this shit in my stomach."

So I went and puked it all out. It taste exactly the same
It took a while.

I washed my face and flushed the toilet and cleaned up.

puking. it made my eyes water. it made my face red.

Then I ate a vitamin and drank some tea. Licorice tea.

Speaking of rice.

Jump around, leave your troubles behind.
The streets below and the double rewind.

Don't cry dry your eye.

Little pink plastic bags

blowing down the highway alone

they don't know where they'll stop

just blowing

paper bags

putting my trash

pulling my teeth
sounds like real fun, we're going to
the bottom of the sea.

a fish tank army tank tank top on rewind.

i'm going to order some clothes online
when i receive, them, i will feel fine.

this sucks.

look at this shit.

can i be dead yet? (thriller), 2009

??" X ??" Paint on Canvas. I painted some terrible things over this and sold it to an asshole who never hung it up. ART!!!! :)

hanging in the closet, 2009

??" X ??" Shit on Canvas

another valentines day with no reward, 2008

??" X ??" Acrylic, Eternal Loneliness, Graphite, on Canvas

Ripped Off 2008

??" X ??" Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas

Ryanne 2008

??" x ??" Things on canvas?