Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i can't wait to die

magic rain deer

Empty in a winter way, a playful way,
another way. Nobodys here and it pisses me
off to see your picture. I didn't finish shit.
I didn't finish any of the shit or shit fucking
shit. The gas station is still opened I can put
these things in an envelope to antelope, caverns,

You don't know me and you never will.
lol why would you want to
rain deer rain deer
rane dear rane dear
rain deer rain deer
i want drugs now
i want drugs now
rain deer rain deer
where are the drugs
rain deer dear where are the
snow snow snow deer
snow cat
snow cat where is the booze
snow cat snow cat how do you
like this headache
meow meow
dying of a headache
tired in a mouthcave
majic mustard neon
neon mustard mouthdave

you only live once
and then you die all over the place
on repeat FOREVER