Tuesday, November 23, 2010

can't hear my eyes

this maeks me sk
this shit makes me sick
this makes me sick
this is it
this isn't it
this is where world
world where werewolf
world of werewolf aircraft
hover craft hot bath
no chance ramp cramp
face plant bleed rant
weed rat sprite night
juju beans
crappy food crappy mood
slimely sleep. crimblig
dcrimbinglin doubleing
crilij you're stupid
you're not cool you're not cool
i said so i said so i know dude
i know dude i know dude i know dude


I want to live my life over I wanna be bornnnn again.

change my mind change my eyes change my sign
take my skin take my sins take my tings
My khaki suit and tings
take that guys voice and put it in the garbage
disposal. make me over make me over.
in beverly hills, michigan. cut my nails, shave my
face, take a bath. two cups of coffee everywhere.
coffee cream. creamer. i can't stop the press.
i'm not going out. write me from here. i can drive
in two days. lose it watch it. lose it, and watch it,
and wonder why. oh man. i can't stop the press.

Caplocks craplocked.
I got so many cups.
I got so many cups.
I got so many cups.
More coffee, watch my hands sweat.
Sweet sweat.
Hold on - I'm calling - calling back
to the bowl. And we'll dazzle them all
so hold on. ha ha hold on.

I'm calling. calling backkk.

Spooky Sara was in my mind.
I drank coffee and called behind.
Now I'm glad, she's gone and gone.
In my head and in this song.
I'm afraid I'm no longer afraid.
Waterfalls like a pony tail braid.
Turning your sweatshirt inside out,
cut your nails and cut it out.
Hold on, I'm calling back to the bowl.
And we'll dazzle them all.

Hold on, because now you know where
I want my keyboard. Skate back to
Capitol Hill.
When I through my backpack down the street
I was crying, I was crawling.

Bright lights, fright night. I gotta cut my nails.
I like the sprite in you. Will you keep me
in line. New friends new phones new times good times
same friends same phone old lines old lies.
Back to basic. It's a terrible way to chat online.

Throwing the orange, she doesn't have time for you.
Throwing the peels in the pot.
Kicking the flower pot over the ledge into the mud.
Who's intellect is intellectual sound with these
crappy speakers.
My armpits.
Never before.
Bright night holiday
quit being so scared. Haunted fourteen.
DD, water runner. One pack.
Get high in the garage and finish 14 songs.
How good is too good to be true?
17 remixes for seventeen people.
Keep it classy keep it classy.
Now the stolen car. The freak out.
The haunted TV show.
Swampy dreams about the time I used to care.
The sun is gone and now it's gone forever.
Winter comes and eats your candy.
Fucking shit. Fucking shit. Fucking shit.
Reaching out to nothing but danger and distance.
Someone stole your car. Our dreams aren't safe.
If this was the deepest pit of haunted isolation,
can we hang out tomorrow? Can I see you again.
If this was the deepest pit of haunted isolation,
can't we talk more often. Can I learn to love this.
Can I learn to live with nothing. Can't I climb
to somewhere higher? Invisible beanstalk. Stalking
the bean stalk. Riff after riff. I can't even make
it out to the garage. Nobody wants to see Harry Potter.
Empathy. Hot body rub in the hot bath. The salt and sea
urchin that giggles at the broken bone.
If this was the deepest pit of haunted isolation, how would you escape?
If you're in the deepest pit of haunted isolation can you find
one single escape.
Can you work with nothing.
How much of nothing can you work with?
How many hits can you hit with a tennis racket til you bleed out the
haunted pit of isolation.
Can you fill the haunted pit of isolation
with the hotest neon bright blood.
Can you go to Sam's soccer game tonight.
Can you get so pissed you diss the misses.
Can you blow the saxophone upside down.
Can you get into the party for free.
Will they get you into the party.
can you make the money to make it back home.
Can you not get stabbed. Can you get a club
to protect your car.
If this is the deepest pit of depression how can you
escape? Can you take a bath and post a picture online.
Has facebook lost it's charm? Did it ever even have any?
Can you call your friend. Can you text a stranger?
Can you properly propagate the puncuality.
You would and you could.

Smooth jazz ride to no-where. The taste of shit.
Bang my head against the coffee cup and throw up.
Scream for no-one. Nothing is here and nothing is there.
You won't get anything done like this will you?
If you are in a hole is there anything more holy?
There is only one truth. Or is there?
You can them all. Can you e-mail everyone?

What are you doing, did you go to the viewing?

Marry go round we go, up and around we go.

Waiting outside the Chinese resterant in Florida.

Two of them

27 ways to take the same bath twice.

There's something about zombies that I love to

Boring vampires.

Endless yawn yawn. I'm broke now and soon I'll
be dead. Is that what you want? Marry go round
we go, up and around we go. I made nothing.
It's impossible like this. Ball and chain. I'm too
sexy for my ex. That was yesterday. Marry go round we go.
Up and around up all night long.