Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(sara's favorite tuesday jaw clench))))(((

how can i get my shit together
begging from the depths of sprinkly
sparkly hell on earth
wash my hair and the fake
maple syrup off my arm lol jason
said his is procuring some fungals soon if you wanna take a journey with them.
lol build my own magic bedroom
confusion. my mom did it from
the basement. why can't i?
i did. i didn't.
fuck you. i hate this band.
this is awesome.
my coffee is trying to tell me something.
oh, that i should shut up.
it's freezing outside.
fly like a magic monkey.
ivy. water my plans and trim them.
how am
i going
to get to
the gas station?
i hate time.
worst poem ever.

rewrite :
new style :

keep the heat on,
the last sip of coffee
my fucking arm hurts
oh, so does my foot
wash my hair and my face really quick and put
on some clothes.
don't act so stupid
short sleeve t-shirt inside
keep the heat on
look out the window
turn the music up load and
think about it
get magic time on the rug
lol what wait
this guy
fuck i blew it already
damn it
i'll get back to toronto
and walk down the street
where did my money go, i know
everyone likes that song
by that one duo from, sweden?
now it's a four piece everyone
one piece jumper
feed the plants
feed the tree
wash my hands
richard d james
make it gold
make the gold
eat the gold
sleep the gold
down the stairs
roll down the hill
rolling up the hill
rolling up that hill
rolling up that hill
rolling up that hill
rolling down the
grass hill in montreal
next summer
i need that