Monday, November 15, 2010

)))) jelly socks (((((

sarah jessica parker blah blah blah
hiedi klum klum blah blah blah


chinatown, manhattan, blah blah blah
3rd floor wooden floor, down the hall
chinatown manhattan, blah blah blah
nice apron

nice twitter account

nice fucking article you fat fuck

oh man

hahhaha, dear sarah jessica parker, i am sorry about all the bad things i said about you. dear hiedi klum, it was a misunderstanding but the dress was ugly. dear 3rd floor studio in manhattan in chinatown, i take it all back. what you do is beautiful, it's a lost art, and i'm so glad we have people like you here thanks for letting me visit.

and then, the greens revealed themselves, at dawn!
the winter solstice is December 21st at: 23:38!!! Remember, remember!

Eat some magic mushrooms and fly down the chimney.

Eat some magic mushrooms and fly a group of reindeer around and around and then come back through the chimney and go BOOOO!!!!! and give warm hugs in a warm sweater to who ever.

1 month and 15 days til NYE, i can't wait.
this year i am dressing up as a mountain man with slippers on
i'm going ot take THE HOTEST BATH EVER
and eat this food and SLEEP LIKE A BABY BEAR
CELEBRATION!!! i'm going to cry and spit up a little bit
and smoke and then be like OMG OMG I FUCKED UP
hahah I mean no, oh god.

I will never crash another car again.

I won't break any bones for two years. Never break anything below the waist again.

I will never go this broke (absolute zero) again.

I will never buy a piece of crap.

I won't be so weird in the car on the way home ever again, instead, I will try to recall every joke possible. I'm going to fuck this one up.

Breastfeed with pride, sticker, my sister gave me, on my desk.

Problem: When I look at pictures of ______________________ I get mad.

Answer: Don't look at pictures, if you do, ___________________________ beter.

Have you noticed how much
worse my poems have gotten lately?

I'm so sick of apples, I can't hear your
silly accent through the computer keyboard.
Computer love, gone wrong. Little leafs, did
I water my plants? I think I did. I don't want
to get dizzy tonight. Nightmares. Distance
thoughts of haunted hallways.

Oh that's scary. Fuck, um, let me water my plants.
Oh, I watered them all, I'm not scared anymore.
Life is scary though, I am broke and lost and scared.
I brushed my teeth with this toothbrush.
My mom makes the WORST dinners ever, it makes me want
to cry. You'll read things people say about you and
think about things and it will make you cry forever.
I brushed my teeth with the most awesomest toothbrush,
I got all cola off my teeth. I got the toothbrush at
a gas station in Kentucky. I like it down there.

- lady to ryan about me at the gas station

hahhahha. I was going to.. jump over the garbage can.
No jumping over the garbage can now.
This toothbrush is magic, it doesn't even have a name.
It's an odd dark green / off green kinda color. Leaning
towards aqua blue. My mom said she'll take me to Whole Foods.
I can lay on the floor and read magazines. Man, this is the best
flannel ever. Why did everything seem ... why did it seem like
the end of the world yesterday? Nothing lasts forever, not even
shitty feelings of the end.

1 month 15 days til NYE.

39 Days til christmas. pack up your
magic mushrooms, you're going to fly
with the reindeer.

how can i live a smarter day tomorrow.

did you know dogs are left handed or right handed just like humans.
but they have paws, not hands.

congo, china, kids, who else. what else. monsters.
balearic ccu. bad news bad news.
job hunt witch hunt.
TV, pills. water the plants.
Sleepy, scary.

Don't get dizzy.

shitty monday.




i'm so dumb, i'm so silly, i'm so chilly cuz i got the window open
it's 12:13 i'm not 15, but i'm in love with this girl like i am
she seems nice, i hope she doesn't kill me, her friend is
a serial killer girl. down in detroit, things get silly, all the freaky
kids, wear ugly sweatshirts. i had a job, i broke my foot, i
hope i lost the job, cuz the job sucked. i asked my mom, to take
me to the store, cuz i can't drive, with this silly cast. i'm out of
vicodin, yesterday was hell, so i'll take some other pills, hey
my mind is gone. i am the problem, you got warned about, back
in middle school, dazed and confused. i wrote this cool song, hey
i'm drinking coke. i'm out of all kinds of tobacco, i can't even talk.
all i have is 3 dollars, i don't have a job, all this shit makes me nervous
sick and feeling stupid. (lol). i got 3 dollars lol, and a lot of change.
i can buy something, to get me rearranged. hey dad, how about some money,
for the gas in the car, vrooom vroom vrooom. i'll go see my girlfriend,
she'll be silly in that sweatshirt. s he'll make me nervous. we'll buy some
booze and i'll freak out. no that's a bad idea, i'm coyote clean up. i bark
and then i bite, no i mean, i just run away. i make an apparence, then i run
away. i saw this show, most dangerous roads... one in china, and one in africa.
i felt bad for the kids in the congo, this kid went "suffer! life here is all about suffering. come on white man, when you go home, tell them they gotta just build us a road." cuz the road was sooooooo muddy.

ok now that i got that out of my system.

you're having problems with mold on your butter? we have two kinds of butter. 1 is like an olive oil type butter spread... that is in a plastic tub. i don't like that too much, it usually goes quick though. i have never seen mold on it, but i can picture it. the second kind of butter we have is in sticks. i keep it in the door of the fridge and wrapped up in the waxpaper it comes in. that always lasts.

maybe 1) your fridge is dirty... so the fan is blowing around mold that is coming from somewhere else 2) your fridge is NOT cold enough? i don't know the proper temp off hand 3) THE BUTTER MONSTER IS AFTER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHH!!!RUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!