Sunday, November 14, 2010

(((stuck here can't run)))))

just get weird
when you gotta cuz you gotta
i'm fine with this
we're down with this
empty room and roll
cold window breeze and fan
late autumn fan,
spinning blowing wind
writing back a fan
haunting me
my long lost love that i can't just
string together together tomorrow if
i wake up on time and i can fetch the coffee
what an awful name, what a lovely nap
a slight smell of hope
haunting me
not much here left
i'm going to be on stage on
friday singing
this is how it happens now i see
exactly how it happens
fuel to drool
now that it's twice as hard
to leave the house
i actually want to leave
no, i don't want to leave
i want to get away
what happened last time,
i broke my leg
hang up the phone
don't call me i'll call you
empty shadows reaching out a friendly
blowing sparkles in
their hair
black lost love

the shadow that
my shoe
broke it

little drangon : blinking pigs

((((((gummy coke a cola)))))