Wednesday, November 10, 2010

((((morning (coke) raccoon))))

there is a raccoon on my table
it was freezing
i left the window open
it was raining
it still is
hear it drizzle?
leave me a lone.
two good friends wrote me
two good things. they're so cool.
make that three. in the magazines.
i can't even see anything.
what is this what is this.
ouch man what.
this sucks.
where is this sucks.
i love it here.
quiet angry princess meets the hoppity snake
in the ice cold bedroom forest flavor.
or another variation?
quiet angry princess meets the hoppity snake
____________________ (FILL IN THE BLANK)
and cheer up
be a little
and excited !!!
bout !!! all
!!! this !!!
bs !!!

coyote clean up : two times the trouble

sporting life (the hoppity snake meets quiet angry princess in the cool blue cave (short stories about birds, trees and BMX wherever you are)) 5:48
do now fairly well (rinky-dink O.S. type rip) 5:55
do now fairly well ("i took the opportunity to antique my end table") 7:28
early chicago (detroit dub) 4:38
the sewing machine 3:06

gummy love the new i-D
watch me watch me watch me
i love you man, i love
you, this year year,
ivy ivy
feverfew bath bubble awesome
fun love love
i love love you you
super sex
super Celibacy

interviews on the world wide web
out of the studio >>>>>>>>>>
into the bedroom studio
i l o v e you!
gum my lov e
gum my love
ki ss e s
dis ses