Saturday, November 06, 2010


hey chrissy bee,

i'm in tokyo at a van gogh
exhibition. they are selling
van gogh cookies and
van gogh coffee in the
gift shop.

tonight i'm going to go
see gilles peterson at
a club in shibuya.

pretty stoked, but i'm
kicking myself because i
missed richie hawtin last

anyway, i wanted to let
you know that if you are
using ableton lite, you
can upgrade to ableton
intro (which has some added
features and instruments)
for free on the ableton website.

these cowboy boots make
my feet swell.

i'll write more later.




((((new EP or mini-LP)))))

It's time out for you.

My khakis are downstairs
in my laundry bin,
with my black and white houndstooth
of sorts
button down
I got not too long ago, in August
and at
the Salvation Army.
L.L. Bean
Weekend, by Jean Luc-Godard

Hit the stone, magic stone, hit the
stone. Staying up late to feel so tired
in a room dark at night, with two lamps on,
scandanavian. Is it snowing? I don't care
that's cool. Night lights, sleep, wake up,
coffee paint. L.L. Bean Washed Out repeat.
Very cool
I love you too.

10 Songs 2010 CCU forever.