Friday, November 05, 2010


august september october november
that's how it happened
august september october november
that's how it happened
august september october november
that's how it happened
august september october november
that's how it happened
objects in your mind
flying alleyways, well
the alleyways in your mind

((((we got it for cheap))))))

this is so
i just saw
the colors
27 paintings
in 27 colors
how many
will she
to hang on the
wall? this is the
this is the soundcloud
this is the cellphone
this is the static
my friends
are right here
light blue
agnes martin
lines in
time with the
new ones
this is the new one
can i take a hot
can i get my sea salt
does my father hate me
this is all
washed out
this is the mixcloud
i love the night light
i love the night life,
and dreaming
and this is the friday
can i have
the hot one
alone in my bedroom
this is the vampire batss the almost midnight the spreading your legs the alone in a sparkly cave of sound and painting and this is where i'll start my career and the money will flow like the hair of children in pools while we're painting at the community center i'll make the e-mail we'll make the sparkles this will be the holiday and new year celebration i found myself and the love in my heart

this is the mixcloud,
this is the green tea
this is the kombucha
when is tomorrow?
where is my mother
i'll plug my phone in
i'll wash those things
with bleach

deep in the bathtub, dreaming
of right now
future is right now
they can't even see
how sparkly i am
right now this is
with the sparkles
i saw
the e-mail bounce
back i'm
writing it down
in the green
grass is getting cold
but inside
it's hot
and there's sparkles
someone starts hanging
up their christmas
lites all
these nites
setting the xmas
trees on fire
they always
your buddy is crying
that reminds me
i'm texting back
rye rye spencer
and telling him
that i can't
he says it's a number
one hit
we're writing
i'm fixing
it's friday
i love you

this production level is pathetic
zig zag brown neon grass resides
sparkling ginger ale
do i drink the tea
or do i drink the ginger ale?
washed out, it was
so washed out
so i posted
a comment on his
i saw things.
i didn't care if my friend
texted me back
ok i'm going to try to
take a bath and shave
and then
i have these three things to
do it's friday night!
i listening to this thing
i'm remixing these three tracks
and i'm singing on this other thing
but i'm painting these
pretty colors and i'm
taking a step back
and i'm pressing some buttons
and i'm eating the fruit
and i'm looking around
and i'm writing it down
and i have my calender
and i'm writing
it's friday night
this is cool
now i feel
like a cabin
fever is the
fever when you
get me hot
i like it
if i can
pump up
the volume

and i
the green
i won't
do it
if i don't
write it

that's why
i love