Wednesday, November 03, 2010

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ thursday morning xxx

sparkling glofi
mixcloud soundcloud

i once really wanted this
filippa k sweater
it was around 100 dollars
but there was a sale
and that was Canadian dollars
and that was back when
USA dollars had
more value
it was boxing week
in Canada
I wonder if i can
get a visa and new passport
by boxing week this
time around
i don't have any money though
i wonder if i will
get any money by then
i have some ideas
i could sell some things
ebay and etsy
i need some money
in my card account first
i could use
my one credit card
and then
i could do that.
damn it i'm not making any sense
ouch my foot!
ouch my foot!
i'm just sitting around writing
people and waiting for
then to write back
call capitol one
tell them i hate them
then eat all their money
then eat all these herbs
make a zine with a good name
it will have awesome drawings
all drawings
10 zines
i broke my foot
hoppity snake

colors and a big bottle of coca-cola
this is awesome
this is sleepy time
10:45 pm and nothing
to do
and nothing to do tomorrow
canceling it all
an autumn rainbow
"the middle east" - "lonely"
the song
the song
the pretty song
chillwave glofi fun
no witch house here
"no witches in this house"

no no, upbeat
trippy glitch hop
golden windy waves and love
to and fro