Tuesday, November 02, 2010

(i can't wait) 00000 (thrifty yard sale) (i want money)

Athens, GA Secret
Squirrel Nutritional Peace
Broad St. up and down back and forth Green Grass
Sunny Sun Sleepy
Hollow in the hotel.
We saw a big spider I remember what it looks like.
Glofi GLofi GLofi
Amy Amy Amy
names names how many names.
50 Hillbillies in a haunted house
rocking robots
okonee river view
i wanna put stuff into a
glo fi low flying birds
super pretty singing
washed out
columbia south carolina my dad
was stationed there
this poem is pretty haphazardous isn't it
it was a cross between jaun and brenton
i was looking at the ground
it was dirty but not that dirty
it was interesting
everything was interesting
the couch and the things
and the liquid dripping things all magic
wow i can't walk
or walk up and down the stairs or back and
i can't wait
the deck!
full moon

i can't wait
hot heat

omg killer raccoon

parliment lights