Monday, October 25, 2010

ROCK AND POP (i'm cooler than your band)

Coca-Cola is good and I was just kidding about that last poem.
17 crickets in the park chirping for no reason.
It's going to rain, opps, they have a reason.
It's going to storm that's why they are chirping. DAMN IT!!!
Manic manic mania. I don't like to read.
Some people like to kill muskrats I guess, I was
just reading about them. So I saw this muskrat today,
it was so cute. He was swimming up the river with something
in it's mouth, I have no idea what it was. It looked like a
turnip. Hahahah. Now the eggplant guy from Kid Icarus is all
I can think of.
Did I even do any tricks?
I saw these various paintings and pieces of artwork
on the internet that made me think various thoughts
about art, color, and life. I try to filter them through
my own imaginative thought process but Eric was dehydrated
so he went to bed early.
When thinking about my poems in conjunction with my paintings,
the first logical step is to consider my music...
but who on earth would want to do that?
The fourth logical step would be to consider the hilarious
dream I had last night.
It wasn't that funny but it sure was nice. I went to sleep.
Not in the dream, I mean, before the dream.
While a sleep this dream just came out of nowhere... I'm guessing
it came from within my mind. I was in this city. It looked a bit
like Chicago just west of the Loop, by the industrial part of town,
the river, and the chocolate factory. There was trash everywhere
but it didn't smell. I was driving my Dad's Jeep and I went into this
Pawn shop. I thought I had a gold watch to pawn, but apparently it was
plastic. Hahhahha.
Regardless, the nice man who worked there gave me a broken pair of in-ear
headphones. Haha. I thought Eric might like them, and but I through
them on the ground.
The first part of the dream was much better. A dark suburb with nice
tree coverage and dark wet grass, with some nice girls I knew from
somewhere talking about different things and we were walking all around
and I'm pretty sure at least a few of us had hoodies on.
That was all cool.
There's some other cool things but I mine as well
go to sleep.
Sleep is not the cousin of death... or, if he is...
then death must be very nice, healthy, and fun!
Which makes no sense.
I keep thinking about that picture of Pharell and Damon Albarn.
There is a Louie V bag and an iPad with a dock/keyboard on one table,
and some wacky shit on the other table. The wacky shit must be Damon's.
I think that is an electric harpsicord.
I played one once and it was just crazy.
I should get one.
No I shouldn't.
I want magic.
No I don't.
Yes I do, it's right, here, I already have it.
I want to live within my own means.
I'm living within my own means.
Slow and steady wins the race.
My Dad says it always wins.
I'll be the tortoise and
you can be the hare.
We can dance together,
in the Autumn air.

A bowl of grass.
A bowl of hair.
Hair in the grass.
Rolling down the hill.
A rock in the wind.
A rock falling out of a tree
onto a squirrels head,
a really stupid something
that somebody said.

38 ROBOTS (in manhattan)

You're not making art, you're not making music, you're not making culture,
you're not making anything. You're just destroying the environment in the shittiest self indulgent way ever. Somebody's puke in the corner of the sidewalk... a photo of it... is better then whatever your doing. Well Steven's photo, is the one I'm talking about. He's cooler than you too and destroying the ennvironment less. Oh man, well I'm kinda side tracking. You and your shit sucks.