Sunday, October 03, 2010

Two thoughts to think))))))nuff words to say

Magic weekend nights, magic mushrooms,
magic week harnessing the last bit of sleepy energy
one hour ago, one hour in the future, the sunlight
beaming through the slices of clouds and cold pines
backyard lamp lights one lost deer, neon tears of joy
come rushing like you,
flip your hair,
laying on the floor
in the bahamas
dreaming of cutting up magazines, watermellon, magazines, i'm all alone,
and on my way, there is no night, there is no day
mischief magazine
xoxooxo / xoxooxo / xoxoox / 123 / ABCDEFG back into the garage back upstairs
into the car sunlight beaming
through you hair
virgin suicides paperback copy
soaking up
a spilled
coca -