Saturday, October 02, 2010

((breaking atmospheric dreams))))

There's something that I love
Pac - Man
Donkey Kong
+ the sounds within.

There's so much that I love

Hello on the phone.
Ok well I'll see you tomorrow,
I look forward to it!

There's someone that I love.

What day of the week is it?

Saturday at 8:45 PM
That's an Apple at my fingertips.

This girl had a black sweatshirt on.

This other girl had a witches cloak on,
::booty shorts and a bikini top.

It was cold and damp.
Damp & cold.

Is that my cell phone, making static?

There's all these things I love.

I saw that tree, 17 times.

I love that synth, I love that voice,
I love that kick, I love that shit.

There's someone who's always pulling my
strings. Crinkled up spine and I twist
and turn and then I find my Swamp Thing

At the end of the world,
at the point of no return,
I'm thinking of you.
My heart starts to burn.

Ahhhhh, falling stars.
I won't complain. It feels so true.
Dreaming in blues.

At the point of endless dreams. Dreamers and dreams.
You know I'll see you soon, that's why this is

Deep in the unknown
a tone without a care
the views so beautiful,
but the thought I can't bare.

Tone poems of lulz.

Coyote clean up and the tone poem mp3's.

Free download love. Dripping down the coast
of California, endlessly.

13 Dreams. Beep beep beep beep cellphone interference,
who is on the other line.

A dream without an end,
a voice swallowed by sparks,
a hand

The sun burns me,
The moon makes me cold,
The deeper I get,
The more unfolds.

Godly lights..
in the autosphere
wanting to share this,
but no-one is here.

On the side of the house,
pissing in the grass,
holding your hand,
this will never end.

Party party party like everyday.
::: All those dudes rock,
so do those girls, so does she.
Holding hands under the tree, the berrys,
the birdshit, the broken bottles, the Pontiac
Police, the soccer hipster hooligans, kicking shit,
taking pisses. Zip it up! Kissing cheeks. Kissy kids
kissing kids. Zig zag and swerve off the road. One hot
lesbian donk and one latina lesbian tom boy, backwards
Ecko hat at Rocket Burger. Yep yep... and a barometric pressure
headache aching aching fuck. Throw back Pepsi or Mountain Dew,
YOUUU HOOOOO. Fuck the Irish.
Zig Zag pajamas and bathtime
nighttime nightgown growns. Growing getting younger
but the beats inside these phones. Future money making mischief,
stacking cheddar, that's what Ross told me to do, stacking cheddar, that's what Ross told me to do, stacking cheddar, that's what Ross told me to do, stacking cheddar, that's what Ross told me to do, stacking cheddar, that's what Ross told me to do, stacking cheddar, that's what Ross told me to do...

I'm going to Jason's later. Eric and I were lurking in the basement, it smelled weird.
I didn't notice the ghost of the dead woman, but maybe that was the smell. Young Black Sweatshirt Bird grabbed my shoulders and we kissed on the cheeks, twice, and she told her friends she loved me and I ran away and jumped off the street onto the mattress by the no parking sign and leaped into the future of the grass between the sidewalk and the street and now I'm here righting this listening to this future shit.

Future shit, I love this website.