Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[[[ > awesome. It's now 11:11 > ]]]

This girl is confusing me,
this e-mail is confusing me,
this payment is confusing,
this gift card is confusing,
this pain is confusing,
this headache is confusing,
this schedule is confusing,
this scene is confusing,
these people piss me off,
our friendship is confusing,
it all just seems to suck,
my bed is some comfortable,
this t-shirt is so soft,
I love that fucking smell,
I'm scared of this calender,
why do I feel so empty,
where is all the love,
this city can be scary,
something seem so empty,
I can't wait til Christmas
Chrissy Claus adventure,
I can't wait til summer, fall, winter,
spring. This blog can be confusing,
technology is confusing,
the future is confusing,
the past is confusing,
I don't want to go to sleep,
all I can do is go to sleep,
don't say you wish outloud
it's almost 11:11,
these tears just seem so empty,
these tears just seem so salty,
my eyes just seem to water,
I do not like this feeling,
I remember Middle School, sitting
in my bedroom, I woke up and
I saw you, that mirror was so
awesome. It's now 11:11, I once
cut myself with scissors,
opening a package.
I bled so hard I passed out, it
was pretty funny. I never thought
I fainted, I guess I fainted twice.
How many times I passed out, I guess
I'll never know. Maybe that is why,
this is so confusing.

Black Oranges >>>

You don't and won't ever know me.
Back in the big old days.

Man I don't want to go to sleep
I just want to cry

I tried to buy some gummy bears
but got stopped by the Alligator Gate

I started feeling better
but don't know what to do

I'd go outside to smoke
but I'm feeling kinda sick

I hopeful rainbow future
I think might be my end

Why would any care how I really feel?
There better be Gummy Bears in Heaven

Hahhah, check out the song
this girl or these guys / this band
sounds just like nirvana


scissors,scissors,worth it,

What is that supposed to mean?
I don't even care.
What is that supposed to mean?
I can't comb my hair.
I can't cut my hair.
Eric has the shavers.
My brother stole mine,
then he moved to Ohio.
I could use some scissors,
why would I hang with those guys.
Oh fuck it it was worth it,
maybe too unbalanced,
shitty fucking couch.
fuck it I won't read it.
Fucking Kayne West,
dreaming 80-Eat-it.
I should wash that bullshit,
fuck it I don't need it.
Fuck it still have to,
chocolate powder breath it.
What else can I eat Dad?
Fuck it I can't do this.
Fuck it I guess I have to
baby please
believe it.

What a shitty day! What a shitty day! What a shitty day!
Fuck you Capital One, you can eat shit and die.
Burn in hell too! Eat shit and die.
Burn in hell too! Eat shit and die.
Burn in hell too! Eat shit and die.
Burn in hell too!

>)))empty seagulls

Totally tuesday, back
to this. Coffee coca-cola coinstar kiss.
It's raining heavy,
please don't stop.
Fire station angry cop.
Endless afternoon nap.
Little leech lily pad row.
Blown out beach house,
down the road. Through the water
on the street. Pass the speed boat
paddle boat. All the young girls
in Ann Arbor... spinning sets on 3 turntables
of all their own
tracks, then I woke up.
It's raining heavy, please
don't stop.