Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seven moles hibernate in the same backyard.
I saw this DJ who rocked. Oktoberfest. It was cold and
I was waiting for Juany then Spency showed up and saved
the day.
I later ran into the DJ at the portapotty and told him how
hard he rocked. He almost lost his hat when he realized who
I was. He said I am like a more URBAN KOMPAKT stuff. Wow!

Then this girl, man her style was so rad.
This other guy. This person and that cloud, and that tree,
and Ken Cockrell even. Then I saw Ken Cockrell in the morning
with a kid in a camo hoody walking his dog and he waved.
Wow that was cool.
Then I saw that and thought this and I just took a quick
shower and I feel pretty A-OK, going to bed feeling
A-Ok and slightly hopefully.

Like the green grass that reveals itself.
Totally twilight
knife fight fun

Empty kisses.
Filling up the emptiness.
With warmth.
When it's so cold
in the D.

Rolling crying rolling crying

The Emigrant Suns were playing and they were awesome
and the young turks were dancing like magic gypsys. Then i saw
RELAXER and me and Spencer were saying funny things going in and
out for a ciggerrettes and now when I talk it's faster.
Faster and back to the point. Don't talk slow and get to the punchline
quick, but make the punchline worth opening your mouth you know?
What on earth is that beeping noise? It won't stop, did my neighbors
house turn into a garbage truck?
Beep beep beep beep.
I get it!

hahha. heheheh./
It better be warm in my bed I no longer want to be scared.

El Guincho - Bombay from CANADA on Vimeo.

Then we watched this...


Sometimes I feel like nobody is listening to me. I'm not talking loud enough. Then my voice gets smaller. It goes back into my face and I see their faces and the feeling starts zig-zagging all around the inside of my face and coldly into my arms into my fingertips and I look around for an exit and I can't find one. Then into the small of my back. Then I get angry, and I get pissed. Very angry pissed, and not a care in the world. Drive a boat off a waterfall. Then the eyes I have in the back of my head open up and lazers shoot into the distance, straight around the world, and back into the back of the head of the said person who did this to me and their eyes light up and I don't see them for 2 weeks to a month. Now it's time for bed.
This band played last night and the lead singer is this girl I sort of know and she was wearing a big fake fur coat and she had gloves on cuz it was cold. Her face was light up red from the sky and the sky was dark black/blue and the trees were dark green with flickers of light. The contrast, music, wind, cold, alcohol, friends warming each other up, and girls and everything made everything seem awesome like an awesome dream.

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 9:16 PM, Christian Jay Sienkiewicz wrote:

Hahha, i know.

Man it was all cold and windy yesterday and I played the Woodbridge, Detroit Oktoberfest.

It was so tight. Well I played the "sidestage" or "second stage" which was just someone's front portch! I felt like... Beetlejuice. It was totally Beetlejuice style. I rocked it out. Then I met this girl. Then we just ran around and got warm. Then I slept on Danny D's couch. We woke up and I helped him take down this abstract awning he made for a wedding at this Yatch club on the Detroit river and the rich owner came out and was like "me and my wife have just been going into our vault and selling random gold and diamonds! i'm so bored, i decided to move from one room to another room for the winter in my mansion! it's that big and i'm that bored! geeezzh. it's terrible."

then i put on my hanglider and just sort of, you know, flew the fuck around for a while. you feel me?

When I played on the front porch... it was just awesome.
Juany recorded it. Man this girl and that other one.

Super neat. It's fucking freezing in here.