Friday, September 17, 2010


Everyone I know is getting dumber by the day.
Everyone is going insane.
Everyone I know is getting dumber by the day.
Everyone is going insane.
Then there's the friends that can best deal with me.
They are the friends that I barely see.

(This song is about cool "friends" slowly turning into just normal boring people who kinda suck.... meanwhile, all the real friends moving far away and you never get to see them anymore... so you just go insane and fuck shit up.)


Nothing like it, dream of death.
She was cool and into me, almost slid right off my seat.
Time to drive this car right off a cliff.
Inside drinking herbal tea,
don't have anyone to see,
this house boat is making me sea sick.

(I wrote this song in the dead of winter. Winter in Metro Detroit can be terrifying. I had cabin fever so bad it felt like I was on a house boat and it was bouncing in the waves so heavily I was getting sea sick. Hahhahhahahahhaha. Easy peasy, huh? The next line is about talking to a girl at the bar real drunk, and then wanting to drive a car off a cliff. Hahhhahhah. My license was suspended at the time. hahhah)


I got this surf spot everybody knows,
but nobody knows, how to get there,
surf spot, and it's toes to the noes,
but none of my bros, know how to get there.
There's sand and a break that will mutilate your face.
Yeah there's sand and a break that will mutilate your face.
And I'm not at the liberty to say
that we're both in for a holiday
but soon enough
we'll be off of this junk
and we can throw our shit
in our cars and split.

I got this surf spot, everybody knows...
but nobody knows
how to get there.

(When I do this live I sing it way more snotty and tounge in check like I am kinda talking shit. I was thinking about all the BEACH related indie rock bands and like, who's really getting gnarly at the beach here? I suck at surfing but I'll paddle out into gnarly ass shit. Get my face smashed in. This song is kinda lame. Hahhahha.)

(I kinda just take out my issues on songs... so I don't have to take them out in real life. It works out pretty well. I am a real nice mellow trustworthy friendly dude... unless I'm piss drunk and pissed off. hahhah)