Wednesday, September 15, 2010

no no bummer summer here)))

tv lights in windows sparkle like
xmas lights. but it's the end of summer.
if i don't have enough money to play ccu shows
something is wrong.
i thought a shitty part time job would suffice,
but it just makes me feel shitty. 2 more weeks.
sorry dude. deal with it.
first comes first: my health.
second: finances / career.
third: music / art.

if i follow those steps, they will fall into place.
drugs are bad, they hurt step 1 which hurts step 2
which hurts step 3. alcohol is very bad. at most a glass
of wine to break the ice. take a bath, take a shower.
go to sleep. dream good dreams. hit them up.
write them back. doodle it out. crawl down the street.
swim in sound. swim with children. fix my hair.
fix my hair. fix my back. fix my love. fix my bank.
my love.
my love.
all i want you to be is my love.
i can picture us holding hands.
walking on the beach,
our toes in the sand.
bringing sexy back.
xmas comes today!
haunted yesterdays.
brooke, sab, ghost, jay, jimmy,
julia, sleep.
kisses drip down your leg.
who in high school you hated
wouldn't love you
for your liver