Tuesday, September 07, 2010


My Dad loves me... but you don't.

New plan, new mess, new bedroom, nervous wreck.

I wanna swim with Children.

I wanna puke in the grass for fun.

Look at the sun.... I think it loves you.

What hurts so bad about being here?

Oh, it's just me.

That would be funny if the Ice Cream man

drove around in the Winter time.

What would happen if he crashed?

The ice cream wouldn't melt... that's for sure.

Sometimes all I want is McDonalds.

McDonalds and a..... portable fan.


This isn't working.

My Dad hates me.

I'm out of touch with reality.

Shit for practical experience...

but I can really rock a show....

with an iShuffle because I have no money.

I can't play your town. My helicopter broke.

Nobody can make you do anything...

except go crazy.