Sunday, August 29, 2010

((u kissed me in my dreams)))

walking in the leaves
live ones on trees
and dried up fallen ones
/ cracking my right knee
i've been here before
maybe in november,
if you can remember
zoom / big jumps /
gravel, blacktop, curb cuts,
dirt, dust, cement.
someone moved the boards i laid on those stairs
i thought that place was empty
why is that couple looking at me
through the woods, through the park,
look at that swamp
look at that swamp
now it's nearly over
just a few til september
i don't want to wake up tomorrow
only in october
3 more weeks of summer

when it rains it feels like shame
remind yourself after work
to find a new city to blame
lock yourself in the house
sometimes you'll laugh so hard you'll cry

i'm sweating like i'm running track
left over powder puff seeds stuck upon my back
black and white adidas wut
listening to that funky stuff

broken teeth for months it seems
like you like hell
weekend comes and now you feel
like your after life.
sometimes you'll laugh so hard you'll cry

seeing is believe
skiing is freeing
sassy is the feeling
coughing is the bleeding

it's such a sad thing, but not a bad thing,
when something's haunting your sacred scene.

and what's the purpose of getting drunker
when something's missing the second time?
nothing changes how it used to be.

afraid to dismiss, we have to insist
that broken windows aren't broken hearts.

i found the secret: we're bound to forget.

there's a party on the east side, can i get a ride?

I'M ALIVE / (ON 5)


Alive, alive, alive

I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive alive alive alive

Baby I'm in heaven
But I don't believe a word
No I don't believe a word
Going down

I'm on five

I'm on five
I'm on five
Alive alive alive

Maybe I got lucky
But I always stood the chance
Yeah I always stood the chance of the prize

(aww hehe but there's no more music, come on)

i haven't posted since tuesday? see what happens when you can't say no see where it gets you doing favors being kind now i can't breathe and it's only one

i was on a roll. last nights magical dream,
sweating in bed... down in carolina kissing
small sand dunes, sand grass, and you're
on the drums, down in carolina kissing small
sand dunes, riding bitch in the
pick up truck, smooshing you against the
wind blown
two tone
i think i know what i want
and how i think i know it
now i am behind in work
the wind blown sand drifted
smashed against the window
and somebody is kissing something
smashed in carolina
crawling through the sea grass
bugs bite buttered bodies
hoody in the heat

canada carolina
beach cabin
abandon bus

back in real life, my
friends tried to
kill me

back in my dreams i crashed
a minivan
i did that in real
life too

carolina cuties cutting up
watermelon and crab cakes...
...crawling through the dunes >>>>>