Sunday, August 22, 2010


and now it's finally bed time
so much wasted time
all for nothing!
i'm sleeping like a baby
a beautiful toy blue baby seal

that's so crazy we have the same birthday
i had totally forgotten
i think we had a party together

true baltic blood

u can't fuck with us.

honey pie

i wish i would've saved
the letters you sent me
that was the nicest thing
anyone has ever done
i remember the shoes i had
at the time... old school airwalks,
before the left for a while... olive brown
canvas and black... souls with one white stripe,
much like some of the Vans.. but better
my mom said they weren't good for my feet.

hee hee

(((why don't we just do it in the road?

i'm going to eat
eat so much food!
i love eating food
food is the best.
i'm going to clean,
clean out my car!
cleaning is the best
cars are crazy though.
i'm going to clean my room, i love
cleaning my room!
i took a nap, it was kind of scary
what should i have
some chocolate milk?
oh i totally should
what should i break dance too?
oh instead i'll take a bath
and do some yoga.
i love throwing things out
what time is it anyways?
man what can i eat.
i don't want to give myself a stomach ache

you really broke my heart girl.
when you moved up to marquette
but i'm glad we are now
friends on facebook
you look gorgeous....


Christian, what do you think about the only one in Ontario who doesn't live up to his life long dream of living the dream.

Well part of me feels bad for the dude, the other part of me makes me wish I lived in Ontario. I know all these hot girls in Toronto and I never get to see them. The food is so good there. The Poutine... the other stuff. I need a Visa and a Passport. One time someone told me "Wow man, you're living the dream." I was thinking, "You're going to U of M... you're the one living the dream. Shut up. If I'm living the dream, this must be a pretty shitty dream." ... Well... I don't mean a "shitty" dream per say.. that would be a nightmare. Just one of those dreams that doesn't make sense, ends in the middle, and then you forgot you even had it. So all in all, CHEERS TO THE DUDE WHO DOESN'T LIVE UP TO HIS LIVE LONG DREAM IN ONTARIO... HE'S the one living the dream!!!!

In other news, I think I had a really dope dream last night but I can't remember all the details. Ohhh... It's coming back to me now. Do you have any advice on how I can live it?

Were do you think the hottest chick lives in Washington.

Unfortunately, I don't want to think too hard about it for personal reasons.
However, I think she's over in Spokane. If she's not in Spokane she's totally down in Walla Walla. That's all I can say.

If you were fourteen years old, would you ride a bike or a drive a car?
I would totally ride a bike. A green one. A Dyno Nitro or something. I would ride it to McDonalds even... but I might get hit by a car. So a little of both.

How many people can ride my car?
I think five. However, if i'm in the backseat, and I get a boner, please don't hold it against me.


i'm not actually sure if i had a blast