Thursday, August 05, 2010


i'm going big time

rocking out my pink ishuffle
at the coinstar.
dropping the coins that i stole from my dad,
in the MF-ing coinstar slot.
chink chink chink clink clink clink
they drop and add up by they steal 0.08 cents
or something, but it still adds up and i take the
slip, to the weird customer service desk and i give
it to the jewish dude and he gives me the money
and i say yeah yeah yeah.
then i go to the gas station and what do i see?
a vietmanese crashed their car into a chinese. they
are fightening and he is smoking it's a racial thing
so i go inside and see what the they can bring.
i get a rockstar drink, my very first one. it's lemon flavored
and i'm having fun and i got a new tin of camel snus, it's
a brand new flavor and a brand new noose and a new design, am i
running outta time. wacka wacka wacka i hate these philly rappers.
haha. so i'm dancing around in a small small world on the internet
i don't care about girls. i don't cry about shit.
ya'll so stupid. i am cjs and it's ok cupid.
you can suck my d, gasoline, i'll do what i want,
and i'll smoke up the trees.
cuz they smell like skunk, a trunk butt what,
yeah it smells like skunk,
in my bookbag punk.

cuz i'm still punk.