Wednesday, August 04, 2010

(yeah and conceptually)))

yeah and conceptually - how you treat image / type / express ideas to be appropriate in diffreent executions while keeping them all in the same family -- - so your project is a book that documents MV and your title for it s "ANYTHING GOES" you would select a way to treat that type, that stays consistent in different types of layouts - same goes for types of images.. ect. common sense mostly but ppl take it seriously. so thats like your 'style guide' .. then show maybe an example of a promo image to post online to tell people about the book or something. then you could also design other weird stuff- ranging from like little fun stuff like stickers to like maybe posters about the book that each have a photo of a blog member or something and like a quote of theirs
i totally just gave you a project

let's go shopping!

let's go shopping!
lets start over!
clean your room, vacuum.
spelling error! getawayfromhere.
ride around. bunnyhop, tireslide.
techno blast.
minimal max.
goo goo gah gah.
that and this.
and them and this. washing my face.
bath tub scrub.
car wash.
cut nails.
call at&t
nokia. fun time.
fun fest.
making money. call them.
type it out. take no prisoners.
make no mistakes!
make mistakes and learn from
think about life, think about the universe.
we can figure out it out.

our body is about 70% water.
you can talk to water and change it. Emoto in Japan.
so, when we talk to each other,
is it possible we are talking to the water
in each other's bodies?
good happy vibrations affect water.
so those same vibes might affect the water in your body.
which in turn affects your brain.

the dowser Raymon Grace and the Toronto dowsers
got me thinking about this.

water, it's such a strange thing.
we cannot make more of it, maybe take the salt out of seawater.
with more people born, water is being formed into bodies.
water becomes able to communicate to other water when it takes the form of a human.

are we taking human form to enable water to talk?
is water the highest form of life on the planet?

do we exist just for the pleasure of water having fun talking to other molecules of water?
is water using humans for its own entertainment?