Sunday, August 01, 2010

(sunday right)

i feel so old
i mean i feel so young

something like a jellyfish rainbow.
something like natural gummy worms. but they were sold
out so i got natural sour gummy bears.
not mad. i can't wait to take a shower and go to sleep.
i can't wait to take a shower tomorrow around 4:00 PM
and one at 6 am too. waking up is hard to do. i make some
cool stuff under pressure. i'm really thankful for julia.
thanks julia! i saw some awesome people last night. man it was
awesome. justin was awesome on the decks. man. whatever the fuck i am listening
to on this soundcloud is fucking awesome. i think of trees.
montreal, and my bedroom in 1993. the shitty thing.
did i tell you i found a record player and amazing tape deck and some
speakers in the old ladies garbage across the street? cuz i did!

i sang beast of burden on karaoke on the mainstage
in the ballroom, and i killed it guess. boy was i trashed.
this girl wanted me. it was a neat feeling.
ryan said i call that a IWFCJS
i said what is a IWFCJS?

this isn't too poetic.

listen to that voice.

is that a beat?


this is neat.

i like to sleep.

TLC 'creep'

lisa left eye

wut is up



funny things.

so many funny things.

breakless bmx

oil spills!

tire slides.

water rushing down

the flood.

street gap!

don't mind the gap

don't mind control

funny things.

my headache is almost gone

boy did i try hard.
i'll be ok! soon it will be so awesome.
this is awesome.
where am i?
i'm right here
on the net
in my bedroom

truth be told, i just drank some water.

what a wild voice!

what a wild place to fall in love.

what a beautiful fallen leaf.

it was beautiful to see you.

i hope you keep
in touch.