Saturday, July 24, 2010

and now where is the sea

and i watch the sea between
u and me. i saw a blue jay feather, forever ago.
man, where is this?
the isolated state... in the northeast midwest
homesick, always behind another vacation medication
i saw some cool things on tv and the internet.
seasons and time.
faces, we
adjust to miss.
the faces we
choose to make.

depression is real
and comes from
the mall
or more so, not being,
at the mall
. i wish i was at the mall.
wait no, it's closing right now.
i wish my car was huge.
wait no, you know. fuck. i don't know what kind of car i want.
wait yes i do
anything you could
or can
rally race
i hope i'm
vroom rooom
you better not be rreading htis.
damn it's a beautiful sunset.
i'm really into the haters.
they did a great job.
great music, great poems, great jobs, get friends, great photos.
great job!
really into the haters.
hey, this coca cola is sooo good but i just drank the
of the box.
12 pack.
2010 fifa world cup
south africa.

rather disapointing,
gotta love the vuveluza.
where's the art blog at.
i should be in the bath.
i'm going
to detroit
to see
my friend's
new band.
this poem is green
oranges flowing
titty tubing
lube job
river run
endless chit chat

zig zag

i think i can slowly
and surely
get back
what i lost
i saw the wind

and now!

my dad gave me my weekly allowence
ah! pain, go away.
feverfew boo hoo hoo.

slap slap slap on the concrete.
two little kids yelping like
froggy doggie dogs.
acid house, oh, i'm loving
it. when it comes from her.
it's so

hot pink sky, outside,
right now! some
and blues.
a lil flashing
airplane lite!!

rumble rumble
hot pink pink it's going
to ruff stuff robot romp.

darker purple with shades of

is this love? probably not.
that stuff.
makes me feel so good.
i can never sleep.

it's 77 degrees
everyone in NYC
is complaining!

flash flood watch, rain at 3 am.
i love

i hope so too.