Sunday, July 18, 2010

back to life, back to reality

i bought BK
i bought new sunglasses
i walked around
i went to the bookstore
i texted all the names
of the artists i liked
that i saw
in the magazines
i bought the new i-D!!!
it looks sexy
i drove over to jasons.
we played mario!
we played hacky sack!
i taught myself new moves!
based off california games!
now i am home. i cleaned up
organized, and it's time for bed.
but i'm going to jump in the shower!
i won't get too much sleep,
but it will be good for me!
oh, the coffee in the morning!
when i got a blunt, i light it,
take two hits and get excited!
pass da blunt, pass da blunt!
i got options, radical ones.

i think? a waffle, peanut butter,
michigan maple syrup, apple sauce.

downhill exxxpress, by
coyote clean up. on i had
an accident records. coming july 26th
on july's full moon.

juicy juicy, the song.