Saturday, June 19, 2010


fucking freak out!

i hope your stoked to know that they don't care.
i hope your not too surprised that they actually do care.
oh i don't care! haha. who cares.

lets not and just tell everyone that we did

no no no no la rouxxx

nice shit clown!

(999neon owl screetch))

yes sir.
public health.
mental health.
mental wealth.
golden apples.
ginger tea. skin cancer.
STDs. airborn disease.
I give Hot Tub Time Machine 5 stars.
It was like an 80's throwback, modern sci-fi/comedy mash up, with actual moral values and nice lessons.
or you know what i am trying to say.
no i do not know wut you are trying to say.
u know what i mean?
no, i do not know what you mean.

no thanks yes sir why not sounds great no way yes please fuck yeah hell no, fuck this, yes please, hell yeah, no way, haha.

bad mood fuck off this suck LA Detroit NYC fun fun drinks drinks katy perry's new hair doooo!! you you you you ouch. fuck.

love ya fuck this shut up fuck off love ya'll fuck you who's this don't know don't care
love you fuck off.