Tuesday, June 08, 2010

let's start over

this can't be hard

or, can it?

no, it can't.

can it?

now i guess, i know

starting to get it,


stupid crashes,
in the past.

silly mistakes

(can you start over?)

tomorrow's time machine>>>

throw up and start to ...


over, from,
the start.

start over.

nothing talking.

walkman walking.

how many cups of coffee

do you want


yesterday's time machine

bad sad rad cat .
quiet down. close your eyes.
yesterday's time machine.
close the fence, brush off your
shoulder. keep it down
start to walk.
shake it off. wash your face.
close the gate, yesterday's
time machine.
they'll forget,
they'll forgive.
walk it off, turn it off.
lock the door, turn it off.
turn it on, go to sleep.

sleep never quiet time forever slumber

tent tent tent.