Sunday, June 06, 2010

no sale


mr. bike ride.
back tire

the cannibal cruise.

(super oops pressure loops)

pop cap.
twist off.
silly robots
tired as fuck
sleepy as fuck
i can't breathe.
great escape, time to wait.
punching shit, running, quit.
seventeen. bedtime times.
the raccoon
from hell.
with rabies. and foaming
a little blue triangle,
and green and white circles all around
and around, and around it.
shitty small black bitmap text.
times you.
in a silly dream about an
copper/iron bridge/mine car/elevated train
track ride through ancient detroit.

robot adventures

in the woods and
around town
smoking robots
lost and found

sunday muddy sunday

drinking some hot coffee

looks like rain, with
chirping birds
hot coffee with a lil cream
and honey. i started using cream,
i have, no
idea why.