Thursday, June 03, 2010

(blue question _

and threw splinters into his face

then I slid around in the snow and jumped over a pine tree

leap frog style from a slide

in the slush

we've had a great storm here last night

I took some pictures of it in the rain

I think I'm somewhat going insane but I like it

like in a good way

I got my apartment pretty clean and vaccumed

but I've been spending lots of money

my house is so comfortable

I organized all my cd's and put them in the case

there are so many to see

and listen to

I bought a Genesis one yesterday

it kind of reminds me of the Moody Blues

I've been riding a lot and I fell on a straight up and down wall stall

yesterday to backwards at the intersections

of High and Lane in front of all these cars

I was like running backwards (limping) holding my bike

towards traffic so I threw my bike and fell

because I didn't know what to do

I didn't want to fall in the street

I got this new shiny red patent leather Kangol

I was wearing too

then I bought a fountain Coke for a dollar

and saw my friend Steve ,

there's a blue question mark triangle on my screen

it just moved, I hope I didn't download a virus

someone sprayed the fire extinguisher in the hallway in my building

so you can see people's foot prints and my bike tracks

it's raining again

it's nice and cool. I love it.
- steven