Tuesday, June 01, 2010


i hate my bike chain!!!!!

(timeless magic fun

throwing rocks.
)) fuck.
bike chain

(the most fun) (the youngest)

tummy aches.
cheap thrills, +
modestly priced pills.

this song reminds me of another song in very very very good way.

if u don't shut your trap, i'm going
to shut it for you
'white people'white people'white ppl
wht ppl / white people.
your country sucks and so do your people
seventeen surfboards falling out of a truck.
imagine that.

going to go get burnt.
arms swarms.
sold it.

i got it!
bought it.
gave it away.
through it in the wind,
and seventeen other things.

(bro-fi dub)

3 days to dissapear 1 day to re=group
so i lit it all on fire and
now it's gone!
yes! lol.

i didn't want to die.
i lit it all one
robotic man, or woman. or kids. 4 of them.
nobody knows.
10 bikes.

hilariously dangerous mistake.
rocks in the water!

never ever go back to
that place!

it's the jail / like jail to return.