Saturday, May 15, 2010

i ran for president

my brain is splattered
blood on the dancefloor
back country disco dub


i am glad i am an outsider
i feel more comfortable out here
i'm deeper in the inside
then you will ever dive

it's 12:12 PM!

where is jimmy edgar?

le ann rimes

stupid time sat morning cartoon coffee

It makes perfect sense that someone from the Metro Detroit area doing something interesting would generate more buzz outside of this area than within ... that's just par for the course.

Don't print my name in your fucking magazine ever again.


I can't wait.
i am so glad i am not playing that show.

my daydreams. seems.

My daydream seems as one inside of you
Though it seems hard to reach through this life
Your blue and hopeless life

My daydream screams bitter 'til the end
The love i share -true- selfish to the heart
My heart, my sacred heart

My daydream dream
My daydream
My daydream dream
My daydream
. . .

I'm going crazy
I'm going crazy
I don't want fellngs
Your feelings

I have gone crazy
Motherfucking crazy
I have gone

there was a big mess but we cleaned it up
then she uploaded a new profile pic
and earlier a long re-edit came to town
and now i know what to do.
then i talked to steven.
then elliott. then eric washed the dogs.
and we played tennis. and then eric challenged
me to a race.
i beat him both times but ran into the fence
the second time.
it was a dark and i couldn't stop and i ran into
the fence.
fence print on my face.
and i really gotta work out
different parts of my body.

we didn't watch any tv but i wanted to.
i suck at hacky sack.

i want to build a sound system.
ccu mini portable.

sometimes i just want the robots to stop, sometimes
i don't want them to ever leave me a lone again ever.

i hate my sister.
i hate my sister.
she's so stupid.

i hate her.


alan and i road to the liquor store
and freddy's little brother
came out to have a smoke, and he gave me
a free new Ed Hardy lighter!

So ill.

Alan drank Vitamin Water with Vodka.
I had a smoke.

Freddy's little brother said the Sharks are
the Celtics of Hockey.