Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(i cant' stop)

i love this dog / i want this dog /
i need this dog / i see this dog
i be this dog / i reel this fog
i moggy blog / and froggy slog
i love this dog, i want this dog.
i need this dog, i dream this dog.
i steal this dog, i peel this fog
a roggy bloggy floggy birkenstock

((i'm so silly stupid)))

i didn't even realize
taylor was from
michigan! that explains his
red wing luv.

((i hate it))))

you know what really sucks?
all this shit! it all sucks!
HA HA HA just kidding.
the world is magical. i don't care
what you say. i saw this duck
hanging out with this
giraffe... haha, no not a long ass
yellow neck giraffe, i mean, a
goose. a duck and a goose. they looked
bummed, i think they both lost their
crew. but i'm sure they found
them, by now.

that's why 7 wishes
on a wishy washy wednesday
just might be your dog days.
every summer bummer makes
me long distance runner.
i could blame it on the loneliness,
more so than the aimlessness.
no watermelon felony, and
for that i still blame


fifteen kids and a rock and roll robot
bubble spills, and slipping on
an orange peel. the orange peel shank!
the murdered my way out of jail.
god, i hate jail.
you know that, mr. god.
don't ever let me go back, ok?
my dad says there is a giant raccoon that hangs on
the bird bath and drinks the water
i wish i could've taken pictures!
sounds so cute.
that's when the gummy worms kick in and
birtch beer and what about boys that look
like justin bieber?
i put on this had and danced around. i will find
a brown leather patch or and eat vegetarian food.
cuz i got this tofu.
it's going to get good.
it's going to get warmer.
and i'll ride my bike to
alan's, laughing,
or crying, while
destroying my crotch
area. silly boy.
silly pills.
did you take your silly pills?
you silly little wombat.
it was cute.
yes yes, then i smiled.
thanks mr. jensen, you are rocking
it out.
so are we.
and them and him.
except for that one guy, man, he fucking sucks.

i went to whole
foods and got tons of awesome
shit. cal-mag. vitamin c gummy worms.
kombucha, natural soda. creamy coconut
curry simmer sauce (top in the UK!) chia roobios
tea. and some other awesome shit.

to girls, smiled at me.
i smiled back. we must have
both thought
the same thing.

there was this private school girl in a black
sweater and dark green / blue plaid skirt.
this was this boy, he had cool bracelets on
black jeans, no socks, and white boat shoes.
he had a blue long sleeve ralph lauren polo shirt
on. i was thinking, "THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT."
or "ALRIGHT". u know what i'm saying.

it's a big full moon and i went out side
MILK MOON! i got all these songs and more
coming out. this pro surfer dood from hawaii,
listed ccu as one of his favorite bands.
so awesome.

(pollution shampoo)
give me nothing or nothing at all
these leaves must've fallen last fall b
blowing bubbles in a half demo-ed mall
watch your back cuz it's call gunna fall b

i love it here
pollution shampoo, to wash my hair

fuck em man fuck em man
fuck em man fuck the man

pollution shampoo.

that makes sense, right?


time for a quick shower
with my magic indian shampoo
it's a green bar, smells like patchouli or india
and it burns my face.
maybe some witch hazel.
then my pillow.
wake me up,
before u go go. k?

awesome thanks, I LOVE YOU

(do you wanna?)

i wanna change my name
chrissy the cat faced robot
but that makes no sense
i'm not a robot, or a cat faced.
but sometimes i feel like a robot,
or i wish i was.

it's the citrus of your lifetime.

((the beautiful swan))

i saw two beautiful swans.
in the wetland forest.
i think that's what you call it.
it's a swamp in some dead trees.
the dead trees look like drift wood,
the water is black. the swans were white.
i yelled "HEY GUYS, IT'S ME".

i think i mistook them for
these two other swans, i saw two summers ago.

well now it's summer 2010, so what
the fuck is up?

cool shit

(cool shit
it isn't found at your friends house
at the local hot
spot. nope.

you know
where it is.

fuck the clowns.

more dumb shit from cjs

you know what?
you're even fucking stupider
(than me)
(most likely, depending on whose
reading this)...